Yellow Tail Sangria N/V

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Yellow Tail Sangria 750ml is a refreshing and fruity wine that captures the essence of a classic Spanish sangria. Crafted by Yellow Tail, this blend offers a harmonious fusion of red wine and a selection of luscious fruits, such as citrus and berries. With its 750ml bottle size, there's enough to share and enjoy with friends, making it a delightful choice for gatherings and celebrations. Serve chilled or over ice to relish the flavours and aromas of this invigorating sangria-style wine, perfect for adding a touch of zest to any occasion.

Tasting Notes

Sweet and citrusy, bursting with mandarin and orange flavours with a hint of red fruits.

Product Details

Varietal Sangria
Alcohol By Volume 11.5
Standard Drinks 6.8
Closure Screw Cap
Region South Eastern Australia
Bottled in Australia

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