McGuigan Single Batch Cab Sauv 750mL

$15.95 each


Mcguigan single Cabernet Sauvignon is Mcguigans more prestigous batch of wines, seperated from the "Black Label" range they are renowned for. This "Single Batch" Varieties from Mcguigan differs from the :"Black Label" range because the wines itself are treated independently to enure cleaniless and purity. Lashings of blackcurrent and berry fruit flavours combined with subtle oak integration and pleasant herbaceous notes before fine velvety tannins to ensure a savoury and long lasting finish as stated by the Mcguigan Wines company at the back of the bottle. Cabernet Sauvignon pair very well with game meats like venison, boar, or duck. The wine's depth and intensity can complement the bold flavours of these meats. It also pairs well with aged, hard cheeses like Cheddar, Gouda, or Parmesan. The wine's tannins and acidity complement the richness of the cheese, creating a harmonious pairing. Nothing short of greatness from Australia's renowned winemakers, Mcguigan Wines.

Tasting Notes

Lashings of blackcurrant and berry fruit flavours combine with subtle oak integration and pleasant herbaceous notes. Fine velvety tannins ensure a balanced and long-lasting finish.

Product Details

Liquor Style Rich & Robust Reds
Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol By Volume 13
Standard Drinks 7.7
Closure Screw cap
Region South Australia
Sub Region Limestone Coast
Bottled in Australia