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Our Team

John Being the licensee, John is sometimes known to talk more than he works… explaining it off as customer service. Having a real passion for the whole liquor industry, John brings ideas and sets the direction for the business.

Started at McCauleys: 1997
Best Thing about working at McCauleys: The long neck from the ICE Box at the end of the day..
Favourite Cocktail: Mi Tai
Favourite Drink: Coffee / Beer, but not at the same time.
Saying/Philosophy: When the going gets tough, the tough go to McCauley’s Bottleshop.
Jai Prior to working at McCauley’s Jai had a lot of experience in the Pub and Club industry. Jai is a real asset when it comes to industry knowledge an negotiating skills. Always coming up with interesting ideas for promotions, we are often wondering…..”what will he think of next’’

Started at McCauleys: 2008
Best thing about working at McCauleys: All the staff are fantastic and our customers are great as well
Favourite cocktail: Any that’s ready to serve, maybe Sierra Margarita
Favourite Drink: Craft Beer. We have heaps!
Saying/Philosophy: Don’t really have one, but some staff think i make funny noises when i pass them.
 Di Diane or ‘Lady Di’ as she is affectionately known, joined McCauley’s Bottleshop in 2004. Diane is well known for her interesting up beat attitude and ability to keep everything spotlessly organised.

Started at McCauleys: 9 and a half years ago. Long service soon. YIPPEEE!
Best thing about working at McCauleys: Definitely the bosses
Favourite Cocktail: Long Island Ice Tea.
Favourite Drink: Southo & Coke.
Saying/Philosophy: What goes around comes around 
 Ken Mr perpetual momentum…..I don’t think that anyone has ever seen Ken sit down and relax. Ken has the special knack of always finding something to do. Ken has been part of the McCauley’s team since moving to the area in 2008.

Started at McCauleys: 2009
Best thing about working at McCauleys: The indoor/outdoor aspect combined with alcohol and the people.
Favourite cocktail: Nearly all alcohol is good.
Favourite Drink: Tooheys New
Saying/Philosophy: I’m not competitive but I like to win…

Name: Ryan Harvey

Started at McCauleys: 2013 (Rookie of the year)
Best thing about working at McCauleys: The promos & the crew.
Favourite Cocktail: Any Cheekytails cocktails. They’re the best ever!
Favourite Drink: The Harvey Wallbanger.
Saying/Philosophy: “A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes!” – Mahatma Gandhi
seth  A seasoned campaigner now, Seth is a student of nutrition and dietetics at Newcastle University. Seth is a great fellow and a pleasure for all to work with.